Top 5 most playful Dog breeds

Different breeds have different personalities, but one personality is common in all of them that is “playfulness”. For pet owners, one of the best things in the world is to play with their dog and this brightens up their day. Although all breeds have playfulness in their nature, but there are some who are extremely playful. Here is a list of top 5 most playful dog breeds.

1. Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherd

Australian shepherd is one of the smart playful dog breeds. This breed is active, intelligent and protective. Australian shepherd is Very affectionate with kids, but reserved with strangers. It is a high-energy, athletic dog that is why it loves to play or do some kind of exercise.

They love to play all types of fun games and sports like fetching ball or newspapers, soccer, Frisbees, herding, Flyball etc. Because of its energetic nature, it is fun to train them, they are very quick learner, obedient and active.

There origin was in the United States and are also called Aussie and Little Blue Dog.

2. Jack and Russell Terrier

Jack and Russel

Jack and Russel are one of the most playful small dog breeds. It is an alert, cheerful, courageous and highly-energetic breed that loves hiking, swimming, running, Flyball and frisbee. It is very active indoors.

Their origin is in United kingdom and are also known as Russell Terrier, JRT, and Jack. Jack and Russell Terrier is very friendly with cats, dogs and other pets. It is very playful and energetic around the kids.

JRT has a mischievous charm and will always try to win you over. It is very easy to train them as they are quick learners.

3. Golden and Labrador Retriever

Golden retriever

Golden and Labrador retriever belong to Sporting and gun dog breed. Both of them are cute and playful dog breeds. Mainly known for picking up the dead prey and retrieve it without causing any damage. They are very intelligent, quick learner and have a steady temperament which makes them ideal Gun dog breed. Golden and Labrador Retriever are not Hypoallergenic dogs.

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These two breeds are wonderful family buddy and always enjoy playing outdoors. They are very obedient and are known to listen to the commands. The Golden and Labrador Retriever are powerfully built dogs, with a good nose for tracking, a soft mouth, and an eagerness to learn.

4. Boxer


The boxer is a playful, sweet-natured dog who loves being around with kid’s high energy. An easy-going, curious, energetic, happy dog breed that’s perfect for a playmate. Their origin is Germany and other names for this breed are German Boxer and Deutscher Boxer.

This is a working and Guardian dog breed. Suitable breed for kids and very friendly with cat, dogs, and other pets. They love to jump at people and must be trained not to jump up from a very young age. They are fast learners and can be trained for various sports.

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5. Corgi


Corgi is another playful small dog breed. Its origin is the United Kingdom and also known as Pembroke, PWC, Pem, and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. PWC is very friendly, cheerful, intelligent and playful breed.

Corgi is a herding dog. They love to run and play. Corgis will do fine in a small apartment if they are sufficiently exercised. But for their better mental and physical health you must take them out or must have a yard.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is easy to train as they love to play. They always listen to commands and obey their owners.  Queen Elizabeth II has personally owned more than 30 dogs, out of  which a dozen of them are Corgis or Corgi-Dachshund crosses (informally called dorgis, which is such a cute name for a cross breed).

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