How to build a bond with my Cat

Cats are more popular than ever in the world’s households. The joys of having a fluffy four-legged friend by your side are manifold. Every cat owner experiences the friendship with his kitty in a unique way. However, mutual love and trust are inherent in all relationships, and these are the qualities that inspire lovers of little house tigers in particular.

happy cat with owner

Everyday life arises from a mutual feeling of affection and respect for the other. But the relationship does not always run smoothly from the start, and sometimes even really disturbed relationships can arise. Here are a few tips to ensure that everything goes well for you and your velvet paw. You can pay attention to that.

It depends on the Cat

Believe it or not, not only does every Cat have its very own character, but each type can also be ascribed its essential characteristics. You should find out about these in detail before you bring a cat home. For the success of your relationship, of course, the right temperament and the specific needs of the kitty are also decisive. These should correspond with you, your lifestyle, and the conditions in your home because a cat who feels comfortable is also much easier to deal with.

For example, if you don’t have a garden or sufficient climbing opportunities in your home, choosing a Norwegian Forest Cat could pose problems. These animals are still very close to their original wild form and have a strongly developed hunting instinct.

However, if your Cat has no opportunities to hunt or climb, it can be stressful for him. That, in turn, will have a very negative impact on your relationship.

Another example is Siamese cats. These incredibly social velvet paws usually always live together in groups, are very communicative, social, and affectionate. However, they quickly get a feeling of loneliness when the Siamese cats have no conspecifics around them. This also creates stress again and makes a bad starting point for your relationship.

Persian cats, on the other hand, are absolute relaxation animals. They love to be to themselves and to laze around. But that doesn’t mean they should be kept alone. In addition, they get along very well with people in general. However, these still very soft copies require daily grooming to avoid knots.

This can be a perfect way to build trust and create a strong bond with you. However, if you neglect the grooming, that will make the house tiger anything but satisfied and good to talk to you.

So always find out as much information about the desired cat breed and talk to friends and acquaintances about their experiences with these animals. In addition, it is, of course, essential to get to know the desired specimen in detail before the Cat moves in with you.

This is particularly important with kitties from the animal shelter because they have sometimes had traumatic experiences with people and therefore find it challenging to gain new trust. But they are also ready to give infinite love, should they first have an affectionate relationship with you.

A loving owner and the right home

As already mentioned, it is always essential that the given circumstances also meet the needs of the animals. Especially with cats, this can make or break your relationship. You should also make sure to choose a kitty that fits your lifestyle. For example, being able to be alone often or not be disturbed by loud music. It is also essential that you make your home cat-friendly.

That means that you provide enough play and hiding places and offer your velvet paw enough places to retreat. Ideally, you get yourself two velvet feet so that there is no boredom and loneliness. Because a relaxed cat and a loving owner are the basis for building a solid, healthy bond, giving the little one a permanent place to sleep and a permanent place for the food and a toilet, which in the best case even offers a bit of privacy.

If everything is taken care of, you have already done an important part because from now on, the Cat will understand you as its provider and itself as an essential part of the community in your home. The little house tiger feels valued and respected.

Love comes from people

As with all social relationships, whether with humans or animals, the basis is trust; now, there are just a few more essential behaviors to keep in mind. First of all, accept that affection must always come from the person. Only then does the Cat respond with love, but this is often stunning and characterized by a deep trust. To get this in the long run, you should give your kitty one thing above all – and that is time.

Sufficient attention and interaction, not only when cuddling, but also when playing and chasing around the house, guarantees a lasting, deep bond and the perception as friends and companions. Sleeping together can also help, although people have had different experiences.

You should also give your Cat the necessary time-out if it is stressed or reacts aggressively because you often do not do it better with well-intentioned cuddles but only press them. Another thing that is of absolute importance is patience because tiny kittens and large house tigers have no relation to material values.

So please react with patience and not anger when your hangover spills the contents of the coffee cup over your keyboard or the like. The worst thing would be to hit him for it and react aggressively. If you want to live with an animal, then, unfortunately, you sometimes have to accept things and be a bit more careful with your items, then it works with your clumsy friend too.

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