1. Cats are clean

It is no wonder that the word “cat wash” has established itself in all of our linguistic usage. The little fur tigers spend an average of six hours a day grooming themselves. In addition, they do not force you, as owners, to scrape warm piles of shit from the street with a plastic bag – they just go to the bathroom on their own. With a small shovel in your hand you can sing with full conviction: “Litter box Litter box – yes that makes the cat happy – and me too!”

Plus, having a cat will also help you keep yourself tidier. If she pees in any corner of your apartment, there are usually only two reasons: Either you haven’t cleaned her toilet or she’s mad at you. Either way, you have to clean.

cat with owner

2. Cats are independent

Let’s be honest: Who among us wants a partner who is always attached to you? Who you have to prepare his meal with, which you have to go for a walk with, who sits in front of you wagging his tail and wants your attention … Whether a pet or a partner – independence makes interesting. Cats also score points in this respect. You can occupy yourself for hours on your own.

Aktion Tier recommends that cat owners devote at least one hour to their furball every day. It should be feasible … especially because you can do it from the couch. When a cat goes out, it’s alone.

3. Cats make you feel like you are “normal” after all

No matter what kind of strange things you have, your cat has stranger ones. At the latest when she digs her poop out of the toilet and kicks through the apartment, you know: “So everything is fine with ME”. And if you have any doubts, just hold the litter box under a black light and have a little fun. Cat pee glows under black light.

4. Cats are headstrong

If you get this pet, you are literally buying a pig in a poke. In contrast to the dog, one cannot necessarily deduce the character traits of the new roommate from the breed. He is at the same time a cuddle kitten and mini tiger, diva and idiot, unpredictable but full of devotion.

A cat cannot be trained. They are not interested in “seat”, “place”, “catch”. If your cat doesn’t want to cuddle at the moment, she’ll show you that too. Completely okay, right? After all, we only cuddle when we feel like it. And don’t we all want to have companions by our side who stand up for themselves and surprise us again and again?

5. Cats like it cozy

Cats are the perfect chill companions: The little rascals sleep up to 16 hours a day. That means they spend a good 70 percent of their lives napping. Allegedly, they yawned more than 100,000 times during their few feline years. Do you need a break? Do you want to shake off the stress of everyday life and relax? Then just lie down with your cat and listen to its calming purr. What could be nicer?

6. Cats can be anything to you

Kitty is simply everything in one person: bitch, homie, loner, listener, cuddle partner … This little creature could theoretically replace a whole circle of friends for you if you don’t feel like meeting other people.

7. … even a child

They crawl on all fours, make unintelligible noises, and keep vomiting. Sounds suspiciously like offspring, don’t it? Scientists have even found that cats use a specific meow frequency when they want something from humans. Why? This pitch corresponds roughly to the cry of a hungry human baby. A little manipulative, maybe, but with a kitten you also have a decisive advantage: changing diapers is out.

8. Cats don’t eat the hair off your head

The German Animal Welfare Association estimates that Miss Kitty costs around 500 Euros a year for food, litter and the like. Other ancillary costs such as dog tax and insurance are also eliminated for cats.

9. Cats are elegant

You love the big show and know how to present yourself impressively. A cat balances, climbs and jumps like an elf. This is primarily because a cat’s back is made up of 53 vertebrae. For comparison: we humans have 34. So it’s no wonder that the mini tigers look better than us on a garden fence.

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